Unexpected friendship lasts long

The right person at the right time

We all are craving for a person “ who understands us and stands by our side in all the situations”. Hmmm probably I got one I guess. Even though you vote for chandler in F.R.I.E.N.D.S, for me you are “ROSS to his MONICA”. You are the one who knows all my struggles, pains, darkest secrets, strange habits, and so on (Countless)

Who will not like to have a person who respects your dream as you do? who takes care of your health more than you do? who pampers you in all the situations, who cries with you in all your failures. who undoubtedly shares all the ongoing activities in day to day life except the food (I HATE YOU for this)

On a simple note, A person who holds you in each and every situation and lightens up your life. Hey, dude make a note of it “ you and I aren’t friends we are a small gang” LOL 😅

I want this level of craziness to be continued all my life. Let’s dance out all the black days out of our lives and make some beautiful memories so that we can have a good conversation about it after 10 years LOL 😂

Even though we didn’t get any chance to execute our plans in our lives. Let’s not stop planning stuffs. Coz I really enjoy to do so 😋. Cheers to us ( we are tolerating each other for more than 3+ years). I would like to quote it again “You are definitely the right person at the right time”. I have a special person right by my side who took me back to the place where I really belong to. Do you?



Content Writer 💙🖋️ Lets grow better together

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