Aneesa S Ruksana
2 min readJan 6, 2022


Body shaming is not funny anymore

Why does appearance matter a lot? Why do people frequently question about our appearance?

Why why why????

Lots and lots of questions have stuck in my mind when I think about body shaming. We are often bullied for our appearance rather than being appreciated for what we are. We all are well known about the fact“ looks are deceptive” but none cares about it

People take us for granted and they’ll blow their bloody advice on us

Gain more weight you look skinny

Reduce some weight, you look too fat

Often very often right?

Ufff, I am tired of listening to these phrase. These words turned to be the most irritating ones


Am I wrong?

Being fat is our fault?

“why criticize people in the name of body shaming” ?

One should understand that he/she has no right to comment on other’s appearance. It’s none of their business. But people do this repeatedly. They think they have all rights to comment on other’s appearance

Being trolled for our appearance has become very common nowadays. We have seen many comic stories and even in films, where bulky persons are given funny roles and getting bullied for their appearance. This became very usual in terms of both real and reel life

“No one is born to impress anyone in this world”

Instead of criticizing others, just spread more love towards oneself. Don’t induce negativity in a person’s life by bullying their body aspects. This makes oneself more down and it also makes him/her depressed.

I would like to end by saying that,

Each and everyone are beautiful in their own ways. Aren’t we?



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