Becoming a writer.

Aneesa S Ruksana
3 min readFeb 6, 2021
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This is being very frequent “ How do I become a writer?”

Good writing is something with quality content, an appealing audience, and an unveiling presentation. What about those people who want themselves to get better at writing?

Here are few steps to become a writer:

  • Everyone’s a writer
  • Choose a style
  • Define WHY
  • Reasons behind writing

I’ve got some valuable tips on becoming a writer. Readout these tips and resources to get a clear-cut view on “Becoming a writer”.

Everyone’s a writer:

Everyone can write but not everyone becomes a writer. Don’t let your fear overcome your thoughts. Someone who is very shy, introverted, and lacks confidence, this is due to the fear of having nothing to contribute to others or the fear of being judged by the people. Throw all your fears ahead. Explore what you like and dislike. whether it is small or big, it doesn’t matter. Start writing.

Choose a style:

It is important to acquire a writing style. There are various types of writing styles:

  • A descriptive writing
  • A succinct writing
  • An emotional writing
  • An exclamatory writing
  • Purposeful writing
  • Imaginative writing

To see what suits you, you need to start writing. Establish a sense or pattern of things that means you in whatever you write. It may be either an article or blog. The foremost goal is to derive value to your audience by speaking a language they understand. Try to devise a plan on WHY? WHAT? and HOW? as per the Golden circle rule.

Define WHY?

As per the “Golden circle rule”

Why you do what you do

If you know “why” then it will make your content way better.

Enhance your content in a simplified view so that the people will get a clear sense of understanding about the topic.


One should know how he/she is going to do it.

what is going to be the title, the sub-heading, the pattern, and what you are up to explain in every paragraph and how you conclude. These are some of the important tips to get an appealing niche.


One should be very specific about his/her article. There should be a strong and brief explanation of your content. To define your “Why” and then re-visit your “Why”. There should be justice for your why because the “value” of the content is very important.

Reasons behind writing:

The reasons will be like “why you write?” and “for what you write?”

Sometimes, we write to move further away from pain and sometimes we write to move closer towards pleasure. Remind people how the pain feels like and then provide your solution to move further away from it. Provide a newer and better perspective. Update people with different information with your perspectives to move closure towards pleasure.

Writing is the best way to talk to people without being interrupted- Jules Renard

Speak out your heart. Start writing from now, you will definitely become a pro one day. Define a purpose for writing and keep your audience engaging with your content. Provide a value for your content and check whether the points are delivered properly. Make sure that your conclusion tracks back to your initial motive.

No one can write your story. So write it yourself. Agreed?